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13th Squad Vice Captain
13th Squad Vice Captain

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Gotei 13 adventure info Vide
PostSubject: Gotei 13 adventure info Gotei 13 adventure info Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 4:03 pm

Name: Ichigo (not kurasaki)
age: 18
looks: darck brown short heair and some beard, normal hight, not thin but not fat , have a white shinigami suit instad for the regular black one and wears his vice capt badge on his left arm and have a coat that looks like capt coat buts have the vice capt symbol on it, have two sword its a twin zanpakto even in sealed mode.

storry: Ichigo is from the a poor family got in to squad 13 because of his skills whit two swords and the fact that he really wanted to help people later he got a very strong released mode on his swords and his bankai is really something to, got the title of vice capt of squad 13 after taking out two espadas single handed, and ended up geting cursed by a magma demon what means that he have the power to control and make magma, its like a kind of lost magic,,but he just use it when its really needed and he have a tatto over his left eye like a mark of the curse . even that he is very strong while not fighting he is kinda clumsy and its a kind person that helps those that need it even if their not from squad and gets kinda shy around girls.

Wappon: a twin zanpakto , name not to be said yet , in released mode the twin swords looks like two eagle wings (shimtar like ) bankai: secret

magic: uses demon magma magic

secret power: eagle sage
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9th Squad Vice Captain
9th Squad Vice Captain

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Gotei 13 adventure info Vide
PostSubject: Re: Gotei 13 adventure info Gotei 13 adventure info Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 8:25 am

Name: Unknown goes by many names
Age: Unknown looks 17
Gender: Male
Hair seems to be able to minipulate hair: black, silver, white, glowing white, short and long hair.
Eyes Seem to change colors as well as glow: brown, red, blue, silver, crystal, white, yellow, gold.
Mesures: around 6 ft, skinny, wight lieght.
Clothing: always changes.
Family: Dra-gon Father (Emperor) Destiny Mother (Emperus) Hime Sister (Older)
Family Crest: a cirlce of paledins, knights, mages priests and other figuers of power in a circle holding a diffent elemets and a arc angle and a demon in the midlle holding dark and light. on the outside of the circle, there are creatures, mosters and other things holding non elements such as metal, crystals, so on.
personalty: Unknown

Story: Grew up with a rich and powerfull family but usually chose a more simple means of life. He always thinks every thing throu even if it looks like he is not. Very rarly hot headed and rairly jump in to things. He has a kind smile but looks sad somtimes. Although He is kind in natuer many fear and resent him. Seems to have a bond with is mother, and always fights with his father. He cares deply for his sister and she is always traviling with him. Some say his sister is more powerful then he is. She has helped him in so many ways. becuse of his liniage he has many mistical items, armor and weapons. He has been traned in many combat styles and continues to train himslef in many other ways. he rairly uses his wealth in any way that is self endulgent. He cares also for every one and will always protect any body in harm no mater what. since many hate him he rairly get any prase or reward for his deeds, while many adore the rest of his family. But he does not do it for that reason. As well as being treand in fighting arts, he aslo is trained in healing, cooking, finding herbs and plants, ceramonies, and many other things.
He has many hobbies that he likes and does.

Past: being worked on...

Back Ground: being worked on...

Relations: being worked on...

weapons: has many and always changes battle style.

Power: elementalist, and non elementalist as well as the effect of the Items wepon and armor.

secret power: Unknown some say he is a mix of a demon and an angel...
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Gotei 13 adventure info

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